BGS is able to provide clients with comprehensive support in developing counter terrorism strategy and capabilities. With deep strategic and operational expertise, we can work with clients to ensure key security lessons from around the world are contextualised and exploited to help identify the most appropriate operational arrangements and solutions.

BGS is the ideal partner to work with governments, police forces and other operational units to provide expert advice rooted in the deepest experience of countering terrorism at all levels.

BGS can help develop effective operation protocols to ensure clarity and coherence between the various agencies involved in countering terrorism. These protocols have been developed over nearly 50 years of countering modern terrorism in the UK and are tried, tested and proven.

‘BGS provides world class counter terrorism knowledge, experience and know how’. Bob Quick QPM – Former head UK counter terrorism response

Our expertise covers all key areas of counter terrorism activity:

  • Prevention
  • Preparedness
  • Resilience and Protection
  • Intelligence
  • Detection and Prosecution
  • Exercises and Training
  • Leadership training
  • Developing legislation and legal frameworks