There is a high price to pay when ethics in sports are not maintained. The BGS team has extensive experience of tackling corruption and ethical issues in corporate, public and sporting arenas and have a sound understanding of the motivations and vulnerabilities that give rise to breaches.

BGS have Board level leadership experience in this area but can also call upon experts and practitioners who have delivered integrity solutions. Our services are discreet and tailored to the need of the client.

The services we offer include:

  • Development and management of Integrity Units – identifying vulnerabilities in systems and people and intervening before the problem manifests.
  • Confidential hotlines – independently managed to build the intelligence picture, providing an opportunity for early intervention avoiding potentially negative publicity
  • Event attendance, and conduct seminars – to publicise the Integrity Unit and attract positive response to actions being taken.
  • Investigations – sensitively conducted when integrity breaches occur.
  • Regular reviews – of practices and procedures to strengthen organisations resilience.