Corruption has a corrosive effect on businesses and government, resulting in reputational and financial loss. BGS provide services to avoid and tackle corruption and minimise the risks.

Board members of BGS have had leading roles in the public sector tackling corruption, have lectured internationally on the subject and bring real relevant expert experience. Our staff have substantial experience in preventing corruption and tackling integrity issues in corporate, sporting and public sector organisations.

‘The World Economic Forum estimates that corruption adds 10% to business costs globally, while the World Bank believes some $1trillion is paid in bribes every year. Cutting corruption by just 10% could benefit the global economy by $380billion every year – substantially more than was estimated for the Doha Trade Round. While corruption costs the EU economy alone €120billion every year.’

David Cameron 6.6.2015

We offer:

  • Services to governments, the corporate and sporting sectors.
  • Integrity audits of organisations to identify vulnerabilities to corruption – in respect of ‘insider’ and external business risks
  • Strategy Design to ‘corruption proof’ organisations – ensuring integrity protection from the top down
  • Bribery Act, and anti-corruption training to ensure compliance with the changing governance arrangements, particularly those engaged in business overseas
  • High quality and discrete investigations – offering uniquely skilled investigators
  • Red team capability to help organisations tackle critical incidents – resolution through skilled interventions
  • Risk assessment and due diligence – ensuring safer decisions when embarking on new relationships
  • Whistle blowing services – independently managed