Cyber & Information Security

BGS undertake scoping through complex open source investigations, either independently or in support of other BGS services, utilising in-house open source specialists from law enforcement and the military. Unlike automated systems, our experts provide clients with relevant intelligence and provide an unparalleled depth to investigation.

Online open source intelligence is the collection and analysis of information from all digital publicly available sources to be used in an intelligence context. This includes information published actively and passively in the media, social media, blogs, forums, legislation, annual reports, directories, events, theses, websites, photographs, videos, internet of things applications, IP addresses, or maps, among others.

Using methodologies implemented by law enforcement and the military to protect national interests, the BGS intelligence team have developed and continue to develop enhanced methodologies in the ever-changing dynamic digital environment which allow them to uncover and trace previously undetected online content. The expertise and experience of the team then enable connections to be made, conclusions to be drawn and actionable insights and advice to be delivered.

Our open source investigations services include detailed expert reports and comprehensive audit trails and are bespoke to our client’s requirements.