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Keep calm and work with Israel to defeat the security threat from Islamic State

Robert Quick QPM, CEO of BGS Ltd and Lord Trimble review the current security threat from Islamic State for the Telegraph.

“With the assault on Mosul into its eleventh day and an attack by the US and its allies on Raqqa imminent, Britain is locked in conflict abroad with an enemy that directly threatens our home front.

The assessment of the security services is that even if the Caliphate of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) were defeated, we will be at significant risk from Islamist terrorism at home as its fighters disperse and focus on external operations against our and other democratic nations.  Following multiple deadly attacks, European cities are already on high alert and authorities everywhere are stretched to respond to the scale of the threat.

Citizens across the continent are asking legitimate questions over their safety as well as how to sustain our societies’ liberal and democratic values in the face of this brutal menace.  To prevail, we must be united, realistic about the deadly threat we confront, and tactically astute in how we mitigate and eventually defeat its modus operandi of indiscriminate, maximum casualty attacks.

We must also cooperate closely with those who share our values and can help us build our capabilities.  One country fits this bill better than most – no democratic nation has endured Islamist terrorism to the extent that Israel has.

Given the slanders against Israel – which emanate not least from the same Islamist propagandists residing here in the United Kingdom who hate the West and this country also – it is perhaps surprising to some that we found Israel to be a beacon of hope in this fight on a recent fact-finding visit.

Joined by political and law enforcement leaders from other democratic nations, including counterparts from the FBI, Australian National Police and other international forces, our aim was to examine Israel’s counter-terrorism strategies more closely and draw lessons for how our own countries can confront the escalating terror threat…”

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