Case Study Lahore Safe City Pakistan

Lahore Safe City Programme – Punjab Police Integrated Command, Control and Communication (IC3) Centre – Pakistan

BGS undertook and delivered a wide range of services to support the Lahore Safe City Project.

BGS undertook and delivered the following services for the Lahore Safe City Project:

  • Design an overall security solution for Lahore based around the IC3 Centre
  • Identify and agree the site for the IC3 Centre
  • Design the physical layout of the new IC3 Centre and develop an accommodation brief
  • Identify and agree key locations around Lahore for CCTV camera installation based on crime hotspots, public order, traffic hotspots, secure installations and iconic locations
  • Design an overall technical architecture solution for the IC3 environment
  • Design the connectivity infrastructure requirements
  • Specify Command and Control System including Command and Control Incident Management, Geographic Information System (GIS), Resource Management System, Integrated Automatic Resource Location System (ARLS), and Mobile Data Terminals
  • Design an Integrated Video Management System (IVMS) to manage the cameras, provide surveillance capability, provide video management and analysis capability.
  • Design of a new Concept of Operations to outline the IC3 Centre will support the Police operations
  • Develop the IC3 organisation including organisational structure, roles and responsibilities as well as skills and capabilities needed for IC3 operations
  • Developed training requirements and outline curriculum for training courses for the various operational roles
  • Write the Request for Proposal documentation and agree with all stakeholders
  • Manage the procurement process on behalf of the client
  • Review and evaluate all the bids and make recommendation to client