BGS is an independent UK company delivering risk and security consultancy and solutions to the corporate and government sectors globally. Our blend of high level skill and experience in this market enables us to design and deliver bespoke solutions to meet all security requirements.

Our team are passionate about all aspects of security and protection and draw on a wealth of experience and expertise to work with you to design and deliver effective and proportionate solutions to current and emerging threats.

Our unique experience and insights gained over decades have been translated to provide practical, bespoke solutions for our clients. We fully understand the motivations of attackers, and in particular the human, physical and cyber elements of security vulnerability and failure. This integrated approach is key to our success. These qualities enable us to develop innovative solutions which are quite different to that of our competitors. Our model also allows us to flex capacity to meet peaks of demand and respond quickly to urgent requirements.

BGS delivers fully integrated security solutions, security assurance and business risk management services to a range of international clients, ranging from law enforcement agencies through to major commercial organisations and private portfolios. We are passionate about security; understand the need to be responsive to clients needs and proportionate in the solutions provided.

Our core strength lies in who we are and what we have done. The Board of BGS comprises of proven leaders with significant track records in strategic national leadership in counter-terrorism, cyber security, law enforcement, criminal justice, programme management and leadership of a global I.T. company. Our wider team include leaders who have delivered major modernisation and change programmes, led military operations in the most demanding international locations, designed and led security training programmes and are true security specialists.

BGS has developed a talent pool of over 200 specialist associates. These are experts drawn from British policing, intelligence, military and other cyber security backgrounds. They complement the BGS team and enable us to offer truly exceptional capability and experience to clients.

Operationally, we have delivered globally and investigated the most significant terrorist events effecting the UK in the past decade and have been involved in the most complex operations against major organised crime gangs. Our teams have investigated serious crimes including murder and complex company fraud; designed and implemented physical and personal security arrangements for the Royal family and government ministers and provided close protection for those individuals. We have led police firearms operations, traced the assets of the UK’s most prominent criminals and terrorists and led military operations in demanding overseas locations. We have also designed and delivered training and support to many foreign governments and agencies in all security and counter-terrorism disciplines.