This is to confirm that BGS participated in kenya’s first ever safe city project. The project covered Kenya’s two largest cities and entailed the delivery of two command centres, an eLTE communication network platform as well as a city surveillance platform.

They were responsible for the delivery of the entire business change scope. At a high level, their role includes but not limited to the following:

  • Initial gap analysis at the police command centre level. This covered identification of existing gaps in command centre operations, organisational readiness for change, technological gaps and inter agency operating framework, among others areas.
  • End to end review of existing operating procedures .
  • Review of proposed tools for the new command centre such as the computer aided dispatch to ensure its fit for purpose from a global benchmarking perspective.
  • Development of a complete concept of operations document ( CONOPS) that contained a detailed proposal on the command centre structure, roles complete with detailed description job descriptions, related Sops, etc
  • Recruitment and training of all the command centre staff for all the three work streams, namely call taking, dispatch and critical incident management teams, complete with their supervision and management staffing.
  • High level command sensitization and familiarisation training as part of the project and change socialisation .
  • Cascading of the conops from the command centre downwards to then division and police station command levels.

In all the above scope, we found BGS to be exceptionally professional and competent. They managed to deliver within record time and under extremely pressure and time constraints.

They therefore come highly recommended to any other government or organisation that might be interested in their services.