BGS brings policing expertise from the UK, Europe and beyond into bespoke police command training utilising highly experienced police commanders, policing specialists and renowned academics to deliver learning at both the conceptual and proven practice levels. BGS has experience of delivering such training to officers at the highest levels of policing from Police forces across the world.

Police command training is designed to support the development of overall national policing capability and the professional development of senior police officers. Our command training introduces officers to new thinking and ideas from around the globe and tests the application of these through lectures, discussion and workshops. Our programmes can cover a wide range of subjects including:

  • Policing philosophy and models
  • Operations management
  • People management
  • Performance management
  • Evidence based policing
  • Counter terrorism
  • Counter corruption
  • Specialist policing (major incidents and events, public order, local policing)
  • Intelligence led policing
  • Police efficiency

BGS can partner with academic institutions to ensure our training is fully validated or accredited by a leading university.