The pervasiveness of the internet means that majority of organisations and individuals have, often unknowingly, basic experience and knowledge relating to open source intelligence. BGS offers high quality, practical training to organisations to develop and enhance those key skills relevant for effective open source intelligence to take place.

BGS offers a customised approach to Open Source Intelligence training, designed to meet the specific requirements of our client’s business or organisation. Based on their individual threat, security, outreach and cultural requirements we will design a bespoke programme that addresses their needs and requirements. Our programmes seek to provide participants with an understanding of the uses, limitations, opportunities and risks associated with the use of open source information in addition to providing training relating to the intelligence processes and report writing. All training takes place in a practical based environment to enable all trainees to gain hands-on experience which can be immediately transferred to their own environments.

Courses can additionally be adapted for younger audiences with regards to safeguarding and to raise awareness of the concerns relating to online activity.