BGS have experts who have trained the UK police in counter terrorism and have investigated the most serious terrorist events that have affected the UK in the past decade. Utilising this expertise, we have developed a full range of counter terrorism training programmes which can be tailored for specific contexts.

BGS brings proven expertise in countering the threat from terrorism to the training of operational counter terrorism and intelligence teams. Our training introduces the latest thinking and operational practices adopted by law enforcement and others involved in counter terrorism.

BGS’s unique UK policing and military heritage has enabled a full range of counter terrorism training solutions to be developed.

BGS provides expert advice and training for commercial organisations to increase counter terrorism awareness and preparedness should the business or its staff be caught up in an attack or incident. This training enables businesses to better discharge their duty of care to customer’s and staff by introducing an element of preplanning, proportionate to the type of business and its location(s).

We also provide training to governments and agencies in all disciplines of counter terrorism and intelligence collection. Course are specifically designed to meet customer needs.

Our training covers:

  • CT intelligence gathering and analysis
  • CT intelligence operations
  • Operational CT investigations
  • Terrorism scene management
  • Forensics
  • Leadership in CT
  • CT awareness training for organisations and businesses

High quality training improves awareness, preparedness and resilience.