Safer Cities C3iStar Programme

BGS is able to design a Concept of Operations, appropriate and relevant to your organisation. Our Concept of Operations design typically includes the elements of Target Operating Model, Organisation Design, Roles and Responsibilities and Support Structures.

With our policing and military heritage, we are able to sympathetically work with clients to translate the journey from ‘current state’ to ‘future state’. Our operational credibility and experience helps establish a rapport with operational leaders whose support for these programmes is critical to success.

The BGS Concept of Operations sets out to optimise cross agency and departmental coordination, communication, and effectiveness of public safety and emergency services delivery. With the deployment of Safer City infrastructure, the policing and security operation can progressively move onto a proactive and preventative footing.

The new operating model is more focused on preventive action and is aligned to the reduction and mitigation of threat, risk and demand. This is informed and tasked by the new Safer City platform and supported through enhanced information and intelligence access. Resource capabilities are aligned in both time and space, so as to resolve problems at the earliest and most cost effective opportunity.