Safer Cities C3iStar Programme

The BGS team has successfully delivered a range of business change programmes within the police and security sectors. We have shaped our delivery methodology to be relevant and focused. Our collaborative approach ensures that members of your organisation are involved and engaged, thus ensuring the best possible chance of success.

We have witnessed technology being used to automate and further embed existing out-dated operational models, with the result that there are few actual benefits delivered from the technology investment. We can work with police forces to ensure that efficient and effective business processes, skills and attitudes are developed at all levels of the organisation to deliver the desired policing outcomes.

BGS employs a change management methodology specifically geared towards public safety and security organisations. Our structured approach will support your organisation to drive out complexity and bring clarity of the change in a way that is meaningful to the various stakeholders.

Change management is the process of engaging and supporting people at all levels of the organisation as they adapt to new ways of working. By addressing the people side of change, we aim to ensure that business change is embedded and sustained by engaging the workforce, ensuring people are ready, willing and able to adopt new behaviours while letting go of old ones.