BGS supports police and other security agencies to modernise their operating platforms to effectively service their evolving safety and security needs. Safer City platform provides an integrated suite of technologies, innovative Concept of Operations, quality focused processes and staff capabilities to proactively manage the security situation and to professionalise the security response to incidents.

The overall aim of the Safer City Command, Control, Communication, Intelligence, Surveillance, Threat Assessment and Response (C3iStar) programme is to modernise the infrastructure, systems and capabilities for the police and other security and public safety agencies. This is to proactively manage the security situation and to professionalise the security response to incidents by moving towards more preventive and mission-focused deployment of resources.

Converged C3iStar Platform

The converged C3iStar platform addresses both the Demand Management and Resource Management functions within policing and security organisations. Central to its operation is the ‘Decision Support and Intervention Platform’ which is underpinned by context-specific intelligence that is made available to the right people and in a timely fashion. For the Police, this delivers a critical operational decision superiority over criminals, terrorists and subversives. The system provides officers and staff with enhanced operational situation awareness so that the force can see and understand current, predicted and emergent demands in time and space through a ‘threat, risk, prevention and reduction’ lens.

Safe City C3iStar Platform

Safe City C3iStar Platform

  • Enable Police to harness technology and its capabilities
  • Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS)
  • Multimedia Trunking System
  • Unified Communication & Video Conferencing
  • Traffic Management
  • Integrated C3iStar Solution
  • Information & Knowledge
  • Citizen focussed and reduce waste
  • Better management of demand for resources
  • Workforce Evolution & Development
  • Build Policing reputation for providing security for the citizen

The organisational ‘system’ can see all available and potentially available resources including their location, skills, capability and availability. This allows the force to deploy, allocate or otherwise utilise all resources in the most intelligent way against business rules related to harms, threats, risks and other priorities.

Scope of Service

We have extensive experience of successfully supporting the delivery of technical and operational solutions for Safer City programmes. The scope of our services include:

  • Technical and operational design of the overall Safer City solutions
  • Development of the Concept of Operations including Target Operating Model, Organisation Design, Operational Roles and support structures
  • Development of operational processes and Standard Operating Procedures
  • Delivery of transformation services to support the police and security services to migrate to new work practices and multi-agency working
  • Development and delivery of staff training and development to include operational staff, supervisors and managers as well as senior commanders

We have developed a structured approach to managing and delivering a Concept of Operation for an integrated command and control capability. This delivers a new operational model, business processes, command centre facilities and a suite of supporting technologies as well as trained and capable workforce. Our team has first-hand knowledge and experience in delivering Safer City Programmes and are internationally acknowledged as leaders in this field.

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