BGS recognises the importance of offering discrete tailored services to high net worth individuals. We are ideally placed to offer these services, with key members of BGS having been responsible for protecting the Queen and the Royal family, politicians and foreign diplomats. BGS has highly experienced security specialists capable of thorough risk and threat assessments and able to deliver all forms of human, physical and cyber security.

If you are a high net worth individual, or a Private Office looking after the interests of such an individuals or their family, you would wish to be sure that security was discreetly and professionally handled and entirely client focused. BGS can promise such delivery and would pose the following questions;

How do you know that you are safe?

BGS can provide detailed reviews of your personal safety and that of your family, taking into account relevant risks and threats. We can also conduct full reviews of the security of your residence and other locations – providing professional advice and services, putting your safety first to ensure you are safe at all times.

Do you feel safe when travelling?

BGS provides strategic assessments of the security risks of locations, routes and modes of travel. We can undertake ‘advance’ recognisance where necessary to identify any security issues. We can add real value to published travel advice and provide reassurance, ensuring a risk free journey.

Do you worry about who you are dealing with when you or your immediate family are forming new business or personal relationships?

BGS are experienced at conducting discrete due diligence enquiries which can give you confidence about the bona fides of an individual or company, to ensure that business dealings are based on honesty and integrity, and personal relationships properly founded on trust.

Do you have concern regarding your physical assets?

Criminals target the assets of high wealth people. BGS can provide security reviews with recommendations, conducted by experienced BGS staff who have previously conducted such reviews of the Royal households.

BGS has an outstanding pedigree of trust, integrity and security expertise to serve the complex requirements of family offices, wealthy families and their business activities.

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