The Issues

The world is ever more accessible with personal and business travel continuing to grow rapidly. However, events in Europe and the world beyond continue to demonstrate increased and less predictable risks to business travellers and holidaymakers alike. These risks arise most frequently from criminals but global terrorism and the risk from natural events is now a real consideration for all travellers. In order to provide the business and leisure traveller with reassurance in relation to security provision, BGS has developed the world’s first independently accredited security quality mark for hotels – the Global Secure ‘Approved’ Hotels Award.

Market research demonstrates that safety and security are the first priority for the business and leisure traveller. Similarly, the same research found the employers and individual travellers would be willing to pay more if their hotel had a security award.

89% of guests agree that safety and security are the first priority when planning a holiday.

79% of guests agree or strongly agree that they would be willing to pay more if the hotel had a security award.

In the highly competitive corporate market, independent accreditation provides a real competitive edge and market differentiator as the duty of care to safeguard staff becomes ever more prominent. For example, in 2014, a survey of 510 Corporate travel managers ranked traveller safety and security ahead of efficiency, traveller satisfaction, and environment and social impact (BCD Travel). This is especially relevant for the ‘request for proposals’ procurement process which now has a clear focus on security.

The evidence clearly indicates that hotels with the Global Secure ‘Approved’ Hotels Award will see benefits of being positively differentiated in the market place, at a time when travellers are seeking greater reassurance concerning their safety. Corporate buyers will see the clear advantage of being able to discharge their duty of care responsibilities transparently and consistently by choosing Global Secure ‘Accredited’ hotels. In summary the independent accreditation of hotel security and the award will:

Provide Reassurance and a sense of confidence for the leisure and business traveller.
Reinforce the brand commitment of the hotel to the traveller.
Provide a consistent approach to traveller safety.
Drive up standards of security across hotels.
Increase revenue and competitiveness.

An Independently Accredited Security Hotel Quality Mark

The Global Secure ‘Approved’ accreditation for hotels is a unique, independently awarded quality mark that recognises the investment hotels make in ensuring that their guest enjoy the best and safest possible stay; whether on business or leisure.

The audit, accreditation and awarding process is independently overseen by an awarding body, Skills for Justice Awards, who are registered and regulated by the UK Government.

The Quality Mark is underpinned by security standards, drawn from universally recognised security industry principles. These are refined through our combined expertise in security threats and knowledge and understanding of the hotel sector. The standards recognise the individuality of each hotel but provides a consistent way of demonstrating security excellence.

Our standards focus on three core categories of security provision: Physical & Technical, Policy & Procedure, People (Workforce)