Organisations have to operate and compete in ever complex environments, where even minor failures in systems and processes can result in catastrophic consequences, including loss of profit, investors and reputation.

BGS’s crisis planning and business continuity services will significantly increase your organisation’s ability to manage crisis and continue to operate key services and reduce adverse effects.

Crisis management and business continuity management are key activities for any organisation, no matter what size, as it creates resilience which in turn will allow continued delivery of key services in times of crisis.

BGS has a proven risk management framework to identify potential threats and organisational vulnerabilities.

The BGS team utilises a disaster planning cycle which encompasses the key facets required to establish strategic and operational frameworks and resultant business continuity plans.

We will work with you to develop a ‘Business Impact Analysis’ to identify, prioritise and document the relative importance of business processes undertaken within your organisation.

Business Continuity

BGS has extensive knowledge and experience in supporting clients to develop Crisis Management and Business Continuity products.

The Business Continuity Plan (BCP) will be created, maintained and ready to be used in an incident. The BCP will articulate the critical functions for continued delivery, the likelihood of interruption and impact to the organisation. In addition, it will identify the recovery timeframe and what resources are required.