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Our protection services are discreet and diligent, with deterrence, detection and prevention being the forefront of our operations.

With the increased instability and vulnerability around the world, protection has become more imperative than ever. We offer protection to clients and their assets in extraordinary times.

Our operatives are all trained and qualified at the highest levels with exceptional experience and backgrounds from UK Special Forces, SO1 Specialist Protection, SO14 Royal Protection Firearms and other Elite Units.   Our people are experienced in protecting high net worth individuals, Royalty and world leaders.

Services include:


Ultra-high net worth individuals

In 2022 BGS provided an overarching security programme for one of the wealthiest and most high-profile families in the Middle East. This included close protection for the entire family, residential security at residences and the execution of a security infrastructure refit that reflected the threat and vulnerability of the client and their family.

“Nothing is more important than ensuring our family is safe and protected. BGS provided us with the reassurance that wherever we are in the world, we are safe and secure.”

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