Support to the Legal Sector

Our e-Disclosure and data collection services are underpinned by our experience in investigations and digital forensics. A forensic approach to e-Disclosure ensures that crucial data is not overlooked and that evidence is defensible in court. It also ensures that metadata is preserved, which can prove critical to subsequent processing, indexing and time lining of the data during review.

We provide support for the full e-Disclosure process – from data identification and collection, through to production and presentation, providing clarity and predictability on costs at all times.

e-Disclosure is simply the disclosure of electronic information to support ‘traditional’ civil litigation matters with a view to producing data in an evidentially sound format. However the tools, techniques, processes and people that are used for these cases are fundamental to achieving the best outcome.

Using our knowledge and experience of e-Disclosure, we will support and guide you through each stage of the Electronic Disclosure Reference Model (EDRM); from data identification and collection to production and presentation.  Whether you need a complete ‘turn-key’ solution, a flexible solution to support an in-house legal team or an on-demand service, we have the tools and knowledge to expedite a robust fact-finding process, in a proportionate and defensible manner. Our project management and oversight of the process means we will ensure we achieve deadlines and quality; enabling you to present and justify a detailed and proportionate eDisclosure costs budget at the first case management conference.

The e-Disclosure process


We use the proven Electronic Disclosure Reference Model as our model for performing work:

e discovery picture