Austerity has had a serious impact on the criminal justice system, with cuts to policing, the CPS and court service. This has resulted in a significant drop in prosecutions and left many victims unsupported by the system. Some offence types, such as fraud, are particularly impacted with all police forces either abolishing their fraud squads or seriously reducing officer numbers dedicated to such investigations. It is thus not surprising that private prosecutions are increasing exponentially.

BGS is a professional global security company which specialises in complex investigations. BGS employ ex-Scotland Yard detectives and other specialists who have investigated the most complex fraud, organized crime and terrorist offence over the past decade. Executives of the company have life long experience in leading and managing such investigations and can offer expert advice on the approaches that should be taken to maximise the prospects of success. David Wood, the lead Director for this area, is a member of the Private Prosecutors’ Association.

Private prosecutions inevitably face challenges as to motivation, the approach to disclosure and partisan investigation. BGS have the experience to protect the investigation against such attacks, with highly professional and qualified disclosure officers, highly experienced Senior Investigating Officers (SIO’s) and the full range of forensic and research capabilities. Our approach is to establish independence and objectivity from the start, with an auditable decision log setting out the approach to the investigation, an action log demonstrating all investigative activities and the investigation recorded and managed on a professional and searchable database using investigation and intelligence management software used by leading UK police forces. The database supports both the investigation and prosecution. Our investigators have considerable experience of giving and presenting evidence at court.

BGS fully adheres to the Criminal Procedure and Investigation Act (CPIA) Code of Practice which ensures the integrity and resilience of the case through the criminal court process. We offer a tiered approach to such investigations, initially achieving a prima facia case to justify issue of proceedings, then supporting applications to the court for orders to retrieve evidence such as bank records, mobile phone data and overseas evidence and then servicing those orders with the follow up enquiries. The investigation is thoroughly planned throughout, and we work closely and collaboratively with the prosecution lawyers.

A sound investigation is the bedrock to a successful prosecution. Our services are competitively priced but of a quality that cannot be equaled.

We would be delighted to discuss your investigative requirements.