BGS adds considerable value to complex litigation and arbitration. An ‘investigative’ approach to the cases delivers an in depth understanding of the issues, establishes facts which may otherwise be missed and points to areas where discovery should be sought.

BGS use highly experienced investigators, including ex-Scotland Yard detectives who have unequalled experience, having spent decades investigating the most complex organised crime and terrorism. Bespoke IT systems are used by BGS to analyse material based on the police MIRSAP (Major Incident Room Standardised Administrative Procedures) model which has been tried and tested in the most demanding investigations. It allows for rigorous examination of evidence and ability to present that evidence with clarity before courts and tribunals.

“The expertise BGS offers places litigators at a significant advantage”

BGS utilises a forensic approach to evidential analysis and brings insights applicable of identifying evidence which traditional legal reviews may not. A forensic approach is applied to the material, including a financial investigation.

Detailed and expert reports are produced and evidence provided. BGS have presented such evidence at the Permanent Court of Arbitration, The Hague in support of a client.