BGS is expert in conducting investigative reviews in support of investigations, litigation and arbitration cases. Our approach is to mirror the standards and practices used by the UK police service in the investigation of the most serious levels of crime. This approach enables BGS to identify critical evidence, develop and test key hypothesis and draw evidence reasoned conclusions on the material.

The BGS review process is supported by a bespoke database which enables the detailed cross referencing and analysis of evidential material and is based upon the disciplines of the police MIRSAP model of investigation. Investigative reviews are vital in identifying the existence, or potential existence of material to be sought through discovery and disclosure procedures. Reviews also provide organisational learning through identifying good and bad practice.

BGS has expert associates who have investigated the most serious and complex crimes, including murder, organised crime syndicates, serious cyber crimes and terrorism. Our experience of cross jurisdictional investigations means we are well placed to review investigations within the UK or overseas.

BGS investigative reviews provide a source of objective reassurance and independence to matters which may become subject to public, media or judicial scrutiny.

Clear and concise reports are provided with total discretion and confidentiality to the client. Expert testimony can be provided in respect of the testimony review.