Whether an investment, employment or other critical personal or business decision, due diligence is essential to ensuring that well-informed decisions can be made effectively and efficiently. To assist in this process, BGS provide due diligence services for clients across multiple sectors to help mitigate risk and to inform their strategic decision-making.

BGS understand that given their frequency, volume and scale, due diligence processes can sometimes become tiresome tick box exercises rather than investigations into the integrity, fit-for-purpose, and risk involved with the entity in question. We are changing that dynamic by offering discrete due diligence services which are designed to give our clients confidence about the bona fides of an individual or company, to ensure that business dealings are based on honesty and integrity, that hiring decisions are appropriate, and that personal relationships are properly founded on trust.

Our due diligence services cover evidence from all available sources, including comprehensive online open source due diligence services, to ensure that safer decisions can be made when embarking on new relationships. By combining traditional due diligence methods and sources with enhanced online due diligence, our risk-based approach enables us to conduct the appropriate level of due diligence to bespoke criteria. As such, we are able to offer a broad spectrum of solutions and consultative services to address our client’s specific needs.