Cyber & Information Security

In line with this growing dependence on information technology, the importance of cyber security to organisations has exploded in recent years.  Unfortunately, increases in the abilities of malicious actors haven’t been matched by the availability of cyber security management knowledge, or expertise in exploiting technologies for investigative purposes.  Information security managers can also struggle to maintain technical expertise across this rapidly expanding discipline.

BGS’ virtual Chief Information Security Officer service is specifically designed to fill these skills gaps for organisations of all sizes.  Traditional activities, such as establishing an Information Security Management System, are augmented by operationally specific advice informed by BGS’ background in police, military and intelligence.  This wider security expertise enables business leaders to assess and predict the “who, why, what and when” of attacks, while also advising technology specialists on the specific cyber methods required to counter the “how”.

The service is thereby tailored to each client’ specific business, technological and risk profile.  Whether organising hostile attack simulations, exercising incident response capabilities or securing technology dependent emergency services, our combination of traditional security expertise and cyber domain specific knowledge provides clients with the best opportunities to predict, prevent, detect and respond to any information security related event.