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We can help create the team to ensure that – no matter how challenging the environment – your risk and security matters are addressed to the highest level.

Having served in some of the most renowned and respected global organisations in policing, close protection, security services, special forces and other specialist military units, our team can help address the most complex risk management and security issues, helping you plan and deliver security and risk management for even the most complicated and diverse events and scenarios. 

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We helped a famous global event organisation to plan and execute security to the highest levels, ensuring that the risk of terrorism incidents (at a time of high threat) was mitigated and in such a way that visitors to the event could enjoy the atmosphere safely, with minimal intervention from security personnel.  The event – across multiple venues and dates – was attended by more than 100,000 people without any major or minor security incidents.

“When events are viewed globally by millions of people and are attended by tens of thousands, it is critical to combine effective security with discreet operational activity. BGS helped us plan and execute a global event in a high-risk environment to a successful conclusion.”

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