Capability Development

Organisations can achieve significant improvements in productivity very quickly and create sustainable incremental growth by conducting an operational process development and optimisation exercise. The BGS methodology, which is Review, Improve and Sustain, is people-based and is focussed on eliminating waste and creating greater value for the customer.

We can provide process review, redesign and innovation to ensure that there are clear and controlled processes that make effective use of organisational resources to deliver maximum benefit. Our people based approach gives members of staff on the front line the tools and empowerment to make major improvements to their daily work. In addition, the involvement of staff, the most valuable asset in any organisation, will help promote a culture of continuous improvement.

Operational Process Development & Optimisation


Organisational efficiencies are accrued by eliminating non value adding steps in a process and new processes are created based on an understanding of the operational data and the organisational demands. Our approach generates both short and long term improvements; the type of benefits realised are:

  • Increase in capacity
  • Increase in productivity
  • Reduction in cost of service provision
  • Greater quality

Sustainability is created by developing intelligent measures which allow the organisation to monitor the efficiency of the process outcomes. We believe in developing a small proportionate number of meaningful key performance indicators.