BGS designs and delivers world class security solutions for corporate clients to protect the organisations' human, physical and information assets.

Corporate security requirements are increasingly complex and interdependent requiring greater integration. Whilst traditional security threats remain, new and emerging threats, particularly those emanating from the cyber domain present greater challenges.

BGS help clients identify, assess, prioritise, mitigate and manage the threats and risks faced by organisations locally or globally.

We can help corporate clients use their resources innovatively to counter the threats most relevant to them so that our solutions are proportionate, affordable and effective.

“Security must add value to the business of our clientsLady Eithne Birt CB

BGS will:

  • Provide incisive threat and vulnerability assessments
  • Conduct full security reviews
  • Deliver comprehensive cyber security services
  • Recommend and implement appropriate corporate security solutions
  • Provide a range of integrity and anti-corruption services
  • Undertake internal investigations
  • Deliver bespoke security training

BGS has the full range of capabilities to offer expert corporate security advice through to a complete security management service.


BGS brings the best of security know-how to city authorities, law enforcement organisations, military and intelligence units and government departments.

BGS has delivered security solutions to a range of government organistaions in Africa, Asia and Europe

BGS professional have global experience in counter terrorism, cyber security, law enforcement, border control, and criminal justice.

BGS specialises in:

  • Safer City Programmes
  • Counter Terrorism Strategy and Training
  • Border Security and Immigration Enforcement
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Anti-corruption in the public sector
  • Police Command and Operational Training
  • Police Improvement and Modernisation
  • Specialist Military Training (i.e. Hostile Reconnaissance)
  • Security Capacity and Capability Development

BGS is passionate about the delivery of public safety and security and is the ideal partner to support governments in the duty to safeguard their citizens.


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