New Security Battleground

With the squeeze on budgets, police forces and security agencies are increasingly looking to technologies to enable them to harness their information and data assets to provide security and safety for the citizens more effectively.

In the UK and generally in the Western World there has been a decline in many of the traditional crimes like theft, burglary and armed robbery. However, cyber space provides a new and progressively more important battleground between security forces and criminals.

A recent analysis by Frost & Sullivan suggests that there is greater focus on security around critical national infrastructure as well as utilities. Frost & Sullivan has identified the top five Mega Trends in the security industry that will shape the way in which governments will protect their citizens and critical assets in the future.

Key areas of new security will be:

  1. The rapid development of technologies that allow greater flexibility and security to end users, providing a more predictive and proactive approach of security procedures. Emerging trends will include unmanned aerial systems, the Internet of Things and wearable devices in public safety and intelligent security solutions.
  2. The emergence of Internet of Things programmes in public safety. There will be a rapid growth of IP enabled devices used by law enforcement departments. 4G LTE connected devices used by officers, in vehicles and within surveillance systems, is expected growth at over 13% until 2024.
  3. The increased debate on intelligence and privacy, following the soaring terrorism threat levels across the globe. The rising concern about privacy laws and technologically sophisticated terrorism networks will also eclipse the backlash against the National Security Agency (NSA) and protection of personal data.
  4. The rising use of Web intelligence and Big Data analytics throughout law enforcement. Constraints on budgets and an increased focus on business efficiency will squeeze security provider prices with a focus on affordable security solutions that show a clear return on investment both for protection and operation. The cyber problem will continue with a call for greater collaboration between government and industry, focus in the boardroom, and better cyber security hygiene.
  5. The continuous growth of investments in critical infrastructure security, as legacy systems are replaced with newer technology. Highlights include the growth of airport and mass transport infrastructure in Asia Pacific, an expected investment growth of 8% into border security, and strong investment in cyber solutions in banking and finance over the coming years.

By Dr. Amanat Hussain, Chief Operating Officer, BGS Ltd.