Safer City Programme – Training Services for the Integrated Command, Control and Communication (IC3) Project – Kenya

In the aftermath of the major terrorist attack in a shopping mall in Nairobi in 2013, the project included the development of the Concept of Operations, processes and Standard Operating Procedures, development and delivery of training and Business Change support to migrate to new services, work practices and multi-agency working. This was to improve safety of the population and security services response to critical incidents.

BGS has developed bespoke training services for all roles comprising of a new police command and emergency call handling centre. Intrinsic to the development of the concept of operation, the design of command centre business processes and the business model.

The scope of BGS work involved production of the training plans, support and exercise materials, lesson plans and timetables. Material was created for:

  • Contact Support Officer
  • Operational Support
  • Critical Incident Management Operators
  • Supervisor Training
  • Divisional Operator
  • Senior Command Officers
  • Command Centre Analyst
  • Contingency Planning

Training Cycle

Training Delivery and Support
The following role based courses have been delivered as part of the IC3 training in Nairobi and Mombasa:

  • Contact Support
  • Operational Support
  • Critical Incident Management
  • Supervisors
  • Divisional Operators
  • Senior Commanders (Gold/Silver/Bronze)
  • Train the Trainer
  • Ad Hoc & Remedial

The approach has been created to make sure that a structured process is defined and communicated to staff through the differing stages of transition and steady state. The training cycle is made up of four key stages: identifying the training needs, developing a plan, delivering that training and then evaluating it.
Training is required to cover essential work-related skills, techniques and knowledge. Importantly however, the most effective way to develop people is to enable learning and personal development.