Safer City Programme – Transformation Consultancy Services for the Integrated Command, Control and Communication (IC3) Project – Kenya

The IC3 project included the development of the Concept of Operations, operational and support processes and SOPs.

In developing the processes for the NPS, we undertook the following:

  • Captured the ‘As Is’ business processes to baseline the current work practices to determine the activities being performed, by whom, what information and what technologies are currently being used to support them.
  • Develop the ‘Future State’ processes to define required changes to staff roles and responsibilities.
  • Business Process Testing to ensure that the new processes meet requirements, provide benefits, are robust and fit for purpose.
  • Process Implementation to ensure that the organisation has sufficient training, knowledge and support to work with the new practices being introduced.

We developed, socialised and agreed the Concept of Operation for the NPS IC3 Centre includes:

  • Target Operating Model
  • Scope of Services
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Support Structures
  • Organisation Design
  • Decision Making Hierarchy

Organisation Design for Nairobi and Mombasa NPS IC3 Centres
The NPS IC3 Centre organisation design includes:

  • Organisation structure
  • Number of staff for each function within the NPS IC3 Centre
  • Job descriptions for each role within the NPS IC3 Centre
  • Qualifications for each role.

Process Development
Business processes for each of the operational roles were developed and agreed with the NPS. These included processes for:

  • Contact Supports Officers
  • Operational Support Officers
  • Critical Incident Support Officer
  • Contact Support Supervisors
  • Operational Support Supervisors
  • Critical Incident Support Supervisors

BGS supported the implementation of the operational and support processed within the new NPS Command.