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Peters & Peters LLP

In 2013 BGS Ltd was engaged by Peters & Peters LPP to undertake an expert investigative review of the evidence arising from a series of investigations a major international arbitration case. BGS applied the techniques and standards of investigation routinely used by UK police services in the investigation of the most serious crimes, including terrorism and homicide. The review was supported by a bespoke database modelled on the UK Service Police Holmes II investigative database system. This exercise identified evidence which greatly assisted Peters & Peters LLP formulating the client’s case. As the arbitration case proceeded BGS Ltd was re-commissioned jointly by Peters and Peters LLP and Dechert’s law practice based in Washington D.C. to undertake a forensic evidential analysis to exacting standards and in accordance with precise terms of reference.

BGS Ltd were served with several thousand sensitive documents to examine and instructed to produce an independent expert report bases on their investigative review. This review identified many additional requests for the disclosure of what proved to seminal evidential documents which significantly furthered the arbitration case. In 2015 Robert Quick the CEO of BGS appeared before the Permanent Court of Arbitration at The Hague to give expert evidence in relation to his findings in this case’